Monday, June 6, 2011

Study week 2

Well...I have officially passed 4 out of my 6 classes and only have 2 more finals left.  On Friday I had my first final, with was actually the second half of the test that we took in April for my stories class.  She has already posted the grade and I got a 7.1 which gives me a 7.7/10 for the year, which in American grading terms is about a B (no, it doesn't match up).  Today I survived my final on the history of the Spanish language.  It was actually a lot easier that I had anticipated.  I was expecting really detail-oriented questions, and a lot of them, but it was only 5 questions with a total of 7 points.  I think I passed, but I'm not sure I got much higher than a 5 (which is what you need to pass here).  Yesterday we all got together to take a group picture of our Murcian family.
My Erasmus family 
My American family
  And for the big wow-finish...
 Yes, I did dye my hair red again, I was bored and it was in front of me in the grocery store. 
And thus was my week.  I did not do anything particularly fun this week aside from study, watch Project Runway and NCIS, and do some work for my summer internships.  I have one exam, one linguistic commentary, and 11 days left until I return to the beautiful Rockies!!!

¡Hasta la semana que viene!

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