Monday, November 15, 2010

Mom left this week, so sorry in advance...

This week has definitely been my hardest one so far, emotionally I mean.  Throughout the week I had a lot of fun showing my mom the city and my daily life.  She even came to class with me!  Wednesday night we went out with my roommates for drinks (at this really cool bar called El Bosque, they make the best mojitos) and dinner.    
On Thursday I took her to the open-air market (it's not a farmer's market I've's just a regular market, but outside.  I was corrected by a friend of mine).  Then I cooked dinner, unfortunately I also started feeling quite ill while I was cooking so I didn't actually get to enjoy any of it.  Basically it was a really relaxing week of getting to show my mom the city and the fun places to eat and what I do with my life.  Mom left early Friday morning, we said goodbye Thursday night.  I spent all day in bed being sick and sad.  Saturday I didn't do a whole lot outside of catching up on the homework I was supposed to do on Friday and then I went to an "American-style party" hosted at a friend's house.
The theme was "Back to the Jungle" or something along those lines.  We went out dancing and I got home at 6:45 am on Sunday.  Woke up at 2:45, did more homework and then went back to sleep.
Fairly uneventful weekend.  The fun really started this morning though.  I woke up not feeling well again, and I hurt my heel somehow or other so that sucked, but I went to class anyhow because I missed all my Monday classes last week.  I had to go to the Secretaría (Registrar) because on SUMA (the online university portal thing) I don't have access to one of my classes.  It is a first year course so there are 2 groups, according to my last name I am in the 2nd group, but I was told that didn't matter for international students, so my class is actually in the 1st group.  On SUMA I had access to the right materials up until this weekend.  So I went in to ask them to change it and they were less than helpful and basically told me that there was absolutely nothing I could do.  I then went over to the international affairs office to fix it and immediately burst into tears as I was telling the secretary what happened.  Not a pretty sight, and not a good morning.  It's probably just because this time most years I'm getting ready to go home for Thanksgiving, but this year I don't get to go home until July.  It's not a particularly heart-warming thought.  I know I shouldn't be complaining, I'm living in Europe for crying out loud! But still...You gotta go home every now and then.  Definitely had that moment of severe homesickness when Mom was leaving of "why can't I go too?"  Anyhow, I'm sorry to make you all read about my depressing morning, but that's really all I got for this week.

¡Hasta la semana que viene!  Hopefully it will be a happier one

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