Thursday, September 2, 2010

My First Day

I reached Murcia at about 2:30 pm after dragging around luggage that literally weighs the same as I do.  I was let into my apartment.
This is the sala (living room)
I paid my rent and went off to unpack and do my own thing in the blistering heat.  At 4 I realized the stores were probably going to close soon and I didn't have any food, so I went on my first adventure.  I found food and I bought my first bottle of Spanish wine (it was really good white and/or Im just too tired to tell the difference) took me an hour and a half to find my apartment again.  However, I did meet a nice policeman and a few store owners who helped me find my way back.  Here is what my street looks like:

 to the left of my apartment

 to the right of my apartment.  The first building is the bus stop which is super convenient.

When I did finally get home I finished my unpacking, although my room isn't completely finished yet

If I weren't so tired I would go to the Festival at the Plaza de Toros, but maybe I'll save that for tomorrow night.


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