Monday, September 6, 2010

¡A La Playa!

So my first weekend has come and gone, and very successfully I might add.  I spent Friday at orientation and then met up with some friends later in the day to have tapas for dinner and experience the night life of Spain.  We went met up for dinner around 10, found a place around 11 and then hit the clubs at midnight or so.  O Spanish time...

This was duplicated the following night after waking up at 11 am to my fuse being blown.  As it turns out plugging in three adapters is not a good idea, lesson learned.  After frantically discussing how to get electricity back in my apartment with my landlord Antonia, who is amazing by the way, I spent the day in my pajamas recuperating from the night before.  On Saturday night not only did we go out, but we went to La Feria with the landlord's (of a friend's apartment) daughter and her boyfriend.  They took us to the food section and ordered traditional Murcian food for the whole group (about 13 people).  We had a scrambled egg with olive oil, zuchinni, and potatoes, a pork blood thing that was good until we knew what it was, and sausages.  To drink we had Tinto de Verano which is red wine and lemon fanta, I know it sounds gross, but it was delicious!! Finally for dessert, my favorite part of the meal, we had lemon leaves coated with a batter then fried and covered with cinnamon sugar.  The Murcian think it's hysterical that people not from the region don't know that you aren't supposed to eat the leaves, luckily we were told beforehand otherwise we would have been the butt of everyone in the restaurant's joke for a week.   

The Blood Thingys

The next day we went to the playa for our last day of summer, classes began today.  We went to a little town called Alcazáres, about an hour outside of Murcia by bus.  It was really beautiful beach with warm water and it was about 90 degress outside, so it felt good to be the in the water.  There were about 12 of us who went so it was fun and crowded.  

The beach was on Mar Menor which is almost a lake spouting off of the Mediterranean.  Because of the bus schedule on Sunday's we spent over 6 hours there, so we are all much tanner and little bit sunburnt.  Personally, the sunburn is killing me, not because it hurts, but rather it is adding extra heat to my body and its already amazingly hot here.  One of the locals we were talking to said that it doesn't start cooling off until almost December.  Guess I'll be wearing a lot of sundresses and skirts for the time being. 
So lessons learned from the weekend:
1. don't plug in 3 adapters, its not good
2. don't ask what you're eating, just eat it
3. wine + soda = magic
4. don't eat lemon leaves unless you what to be laughed at instead of the one laughing
5. bring lots of sunscreen to the beach, especially when you don't want to add extra body heat

Today not only marked the end of my weekend in Spain, but it was also the first day of classes for our 2 week Spanish Intensive.  It was a fun class.  Today my profe said that she was making it super easy for us so that she could gauge where the class should really be.  We talked about the city and that kind of thing, but while we did so she told us where all the good restaurants and markets were, so that was all good information to have.  To round off the day I cooked my first meal in my new apartment without burning anything down and I ate one of the best eclair's I've ever had from the confiteria (pastry shop) below my apartment!  

Buenas noches a todos.  ¡Hasta la semana que viene!

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