Monday, September 27, 2010

Mi primer semana de clases y Cartagena

Seeing as last week I was so excited about everything I learned at the Plaza de Toros that I didn't tell you all about my first day of classes, I figured I should do that this week.  
This is the Facultad de Letras (Humanities) from the Plaza de la Universidad

There are actually two campuses for the Universidad de Murcia; La Merced and Espinardo.  La Merced is for Humanities and Law, Espinardo is for everything else (except Political Science and Languages which each have their own buildings apart from both campuses).  La Merced is the original campus so its in the middle of city and Espinardo requires a bus trip...yay for the convenience of being a Lit major!  Speaking of which, I'm taking 5 classes this semester (all literature and all taught in Spanish):
1. Linguistic Commentary on Hispanic Texts
2. The Story from its Origins to 1700
3.  20th Century Spanish Literature
4. Spanish Literature in its Relations to Universal Literature
5. Contemporary Spanish Theatre
So far I'm really enjoying all five of them!  Of course I haven't officially matriculated yet so I don't have access to the online portal where the homework is therefore I haven't had any homework all week.  That may be part of why I'm enjoying myself so much...we shall see!

This weekend (9/25) I also went to Cartagena for the day.  The international relations office organized a trip.  We first went to the top of the city so that we could see everything.  Then we went to the Roman Theatre and Parliament.  Following that we got a lot of free time so myself and a group of girlfriends went out to lunch at a tapas place.  We had really good seafood and drinks.  Then we did a bit of shopping and such things.  We finished out the day sitting by the ocean and chatting.  All in all it was a very relaxing and interesting trip.

Hasta la semana que viene!

p.s. sorry for the lack of pictures this week, my computer is being annoying.  I'll try to upload some later in the week, and they are all on facebook.

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