Monday, May 9, 2011

And so it begins...

This week not only signals the beginning of a lot of studying, but also of friends visiting.  The week itself was really boring since all I've been doing is going to class and then studying in the afternoon, but on Saturday my friends Jeanette and Jessica, who I was visiting in London last weekend, came to stay.  It began with a bit of an unfortunate miscommunication because I had written down that they were coming to visit from the 6th-8th which actually was perfect since it gave me a day to study and detox before my beloved Alyssa comes to stay (!!!), but sadly it is cheapest to fly on Saturdays and Tuesdays so they actually are going to be here the 7th-10th.  I was not informed of this change until after I had already been sitting at the bus station waiting for them for an hour, on the 6th.  Oh well, cest la vie.  Anyhow, they got into Murcia OK on Saturday evening and then yesterday we spent the day at the beach.  I was soaking in the sun, but much more concerned with studying.  Jeanette and Jessica were just excited to be near the ocean, both of them are from Southern California but study in London (not so much like home).  We had a really nice time and then went out for dinner at Dad's favorite, Lizarran.  Today they went to Cartagena, they should be back in a few hours, and I am supposed to be studying/really I am just enjoying having lots of space to spread out to study while not actually reading a thing. 
This is us on the beach...aka I've been too busy to remember to take pictures this week

Also, my newest blog post came out on Pinkpangea: Sleeping on London's streets for the Royal Wedding
And that's all for this week folks!

¡Hasta la semana que viene!

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