Monday, October 4, 2010

La empieza de mis lecturas

I didn't do a whole lot of interest this week.  So I guess you all get to hear about my classes some more...yay!  I'm enjoying all of them a lot.  I still haven't matriculated, but I do have readings to do, I asked classmates.  I am currently reading La Celestina by Fernando de Rojas, La Malquerida by Jacinto Benavente, and Historia de una escalera by Antonio Buero Vallejo.  All three are plays (thus the "theatre" part of my blog name ☺)  La Celestina is actually called La tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea, basically it's a 21 act play which details courtly love gone awry.  The end result is much like Hamlet, everyone is dead.  La Malquerida is the story of a girl who causes misfortune to every man who tries to love her.  The reason is (SPOILER ALERT!) that she loves her step-father and he kills them.  Finally, Historia de una escalera, is a play in 3 acts in which the first two acts are 10 years apart and the last two are 20 years apart.  It tells the story of people living in an apartment and all the action takes place on the stairs of the building.  It takes place before and after the Spanish Civil War (1919, 1929, and 1949).  Soooo basically I am not reading anything with a happy ending.  However, they are all amazingly well written and they definitely have their funny moments (particularly La Celestina, partly because it is a "tragic-comedy" and partly because in 21 acts something funny has to go down).  

This week I also went salsa dancing.  It was really fun, but a whole different animal from what I'm used to at home.  The style of salsa was a little bit different (it was a lot more cucaracha steps (side-to-side) than the basic front/back).  The DJ also mixed in some Merengue and Bachata.  The other major difference is that we didn't get there until 2 in the morning.  And regardless of the immense amount of soreness and hearing loss (2 days later) wearing my latin heels again was definitely worth it!

Finally, I obtained a roommate this week!! Her name is Cristina.  She is from an island called Madera off the coast of Portugal and is studying farmacia (to be a pharmacist).  She is really nice, as is her cousin who is staying with us until tomorrow.  He cooked a typical meal from Madera last night; meat, rice, a sauce, and salad.  Therefore, I will be grilling some chicken with a honey-mustard marinade and making mac & cheese.  I figure that's a pretty American meal.  

The biggest news of this week?  I had my first churros con chocolate.  It was heaven.  
Well that's about it for this week, but next I'm beginning my travels so it should be exciting!
¡Hasta la semana proxima!

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