Monday, April 11, 2011

It sure feels like summer!

I had that monster exam on Thursday, which I think I did OK in...there were 5 questions.  The first 4 were part of the theory section so we weren't allowed to have any materials on our desk, this included my dictionary (little bit of a disadvantage I think...) and the last one was a practical question which was open book, open notes, etc.  I think everything was answered correctly, what I'm not sure about was whether or not I answered with enough background information.  Well, all I have to do is pass...
What better reward for not dying in the taking of a monster exam as a weekend at the beach, especially since it was about 90 degrees average this weekend.  Prior to that, I went out to dinner with Annalisa on Friday night.  First, there was a random parade to take the Jesus statue out of the church for the Semana Santa parades next week.
And yes, I did get desperate enough to get ribs at Tony Roma's for dinner...I feel that in a small way, I have failed as a Coloradan.
On Saturday I went sailing with my Spanish family in Santiago de la Ribera, on Mar Menor, and we had lunch on the boat.
Me with Javi
Me with Piti enjoying lunch and Coronas....clearly I have a very difficult life...
Then on Sunday...I went to their family house in Campoamor, on the Mediterranean.  With us, the family of five and myself, there was also Javi's parents, one of his brothers, his brother's two daughters, and one of the daughter's friends (11 in total).  We mostly enjoyed the house and pool, it was a little too cold to swim in the ocean.  We had an amazing lunch at the nautical club a few blocks from their house.  
We had a fantastic lunch with seafood and paella and for dessert coffee and a three chocolate cake.  Delicious!  Aside from now being quite tan (and maybe a little sunburnt), I also I am planning on going skiing with their cousin, Carmen, who said she would call me to go with her to the Sierra Nevadas when she goes over break and her dad, Pedro, has a house in the mountains and said he would take me up there to hang out next time he has work and I can hike and play with the dogs and such things.  A little bit of Colorado in Murcia!
In other news...I've been hired for a summer internship at Youth Direction in Aurora. It's a non-profit organization which helps at-risk teens find their passion and learn how to pursue it.  I will be helping to create a guidebook on their unique program and doing some event planning.  
Also, my next article on Pink Pangea has been published:

¡Hasta la semana que viene!

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