Monday, February 14, 2011

Feliz Día de San Valentín

I am well aware that it has been two weeks since I wrote about Marrakech, but that is merely because nothing to exciting has happened.  We started second semester a week ago today.  Three of my classes are the same; Linguistic Commentary on Hispanic Texts, Spanish Stories from their Origins to 1700, and Contemporary Spanish Theatre.  My two new classes are; 20th Century Spanish Literature (which is a continuation of last semester but with a different professor and we're studying poetry and narrative instead of theatre) and History of the Spanish Language (which is a really interesting subject but the professor is impossible to understand...even for the Spanish students...she mumbles).  Other than the mumbler I am enjoying all of my classes, except for the early wake-up times.  I am still doing Flamenco, and loving every minute of it!  I do miss actual ballroom dance though, especially it's a good thing I have my salsa buddy! JC is a phenomenal dancer and we always make sure to get in at least one salsa!  Other than that it's been pretty quiet with the exception of Annalisa's 21st birthday party!   As it turns out there is a Mexican restaurant in the city, it is kind of an odd flavor mixture of traditional Mexican food and Spanish spices...there is not even a hint of Tex-Mex which makes me a little sad.  They did have some really spicy sauce though, so that was good!  The picture is of Annalisa and Hilary sharing in Annalisa's first shot as a legal drinker (of course it kind of looses its effect since the drinking age is 18 here...)    
The other really exciting piece of news is that I was hired as a foreign correspondent for Pink Pangea (the travel blog I wrote an article for last semester).  This means that I will be publishing an article every other Thursday.  The first one came out last Thursday.  It's called Smile Like You Mean It: How to Make Friends in a Spanish School (the title is a link to the article) and as the title suggests its all about how to make friends as an international student in Spain.  And before anyone else asks...the guy in the picture is my friend Jose who studied at Pitzer and I mentioned in the article; and no, we are not dating...he is perhaps one of the most flamboyantly gay people...which makes him soooo much more fun!!! And along that I don't have plans for el Día de San Valentín (also known as Valentine's Day).  Apparently it is really not a big deal here, which is good since my plans tonight are to watch The Tudors and go to Flamenco class.

¡Hasta la semana que viene!  I promise I will actually right next week!

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